Babe I’m Gonna Leave You Guitar Lesson (Main Riff) – Led Zeppelin

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In this lesson we are going to take a look at the main riff to Led Zeppelin’s version of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”.

Using an arpeggiated picking pattern in A minor, this opening riff of Jimmy Page’s arrangement of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” creates a very haunting yet beautiful sound.

In this Babe I’m Gonna Leave You guitar lesson I will show you how to play that gorgeous descending arpeggiated picking intro and verse note-for-note.

Pay close attention to letting the top melody notes ring for as long as possible. Especially the melody notes held with the first finger. It is a good exercise in coordination if you can keep your first finger down between the chord changes in which it holds the last melody note..

In addition to those frethand challenges, there is also quite a bit of string skipping in the picking hand. At the beginning of the lesson I do talk about how I approach arpeggiated picking on the guitar. I feel that this method is the most economical and the most comfortable in the long run. However, if you have never played in this way it might be a little awkward in the beginning. But if you always approach your picking patterns in this way you will eventually play every cross string arpeggiated pattern this way without thinking about it.

So take your time when attempting to put all of this together. Once again it is about letting those notes ring out for as long as possible, especially the top melody notes!

If you want to learn the entire song simply help me get this video 600 YouTube likes and after it meets that goal I will then teach the entire song note-for-note.

OK I will see you guys back here with the full song lesson soon. In the meantime make sure you master this awesome riff first. #babeimgonnaleaveyouguitarlesson #ledzeppelin #guitarcovers

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  1. I'll take me 4 months to play like this!!! I'm kidding… One month!!!! Hahaha

  2. Absolutely amazing the way you teach and break down your lessons. Thank you!

  3. I think i found my guitar teacher. The first person on youtube from whom i really understood how to learn to play

  4. Great lesson.

  5. 1.4k likes. Where is the full lesson?

  6. great but just barré the F instead of fucking up your thumb joints

  7. finger picking the intro can be easier if you're good at that

  8. Sir, please upload a tutorial of Led Zeppelin -Achiles's last stand! Please sir I shall be waiting for it.

  9. great job, I'd type better but my fingers are still recovering from some of those chord shapes.

  10. You have me setting up my guitar to start playing again!!!

  11. This is the most detailed tutorial i could find here, thanks a lot for this. This song is really why i bought my guitar.

  12. Ur the man

  13. Thank you Carl!

  14. Great video lesson my man, I prefer to play this fingerstyle but I like the picking you use too and it makes it a bit easier to teach to others.

  15. Can you please upload chords to that

  16. my fingers are sore

  17. Can I just say as a pro guitarist with 50 years of experience, that you're truly a great no nonsense teacher, and by far the best I've seen on here. I play in a covers band (still) and I just watch your videos a couple of times and I'm away… saves SO much time when I need to cover a song quickly! Most others, (and I have to say the US 'teachers' are by far the worst!) give their entire life story and hours of nonsense before they do what you want to see, and then usually disappointingly. You SIr hit the nail on the head every time and I now just search out to see if you cover the song I need first. Thank you! Cracked Rain Song in 20/30 minutes, god knows how long it would have taken me to work it out!

  18. I always finger-picked this song, but great tutorial nonetheless.

  19. Great lessons, thanks

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