Back In Black – ACDC ★ How To Play – Electric Guitar Riff Lessons – Rock Guitar Tutorial

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Back In Black – ACDC – How To Play – Electric Guitar Riff Lessons – Rock Guitar Tutorial
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  1. I'm stuck on 04:22

  2. GuitaristFromMelbourne

    Bad tabbing no offence :/

  3. Haha yees! I'm that rebel!

  4. JaydensiaGaming MineCraft and more

    I like your hat. It suits you

  5. thanks for the lesson …….

  6. aii chord. lol so cute..

  7. This really helped (no sarcasm)

  8. Warrior 1010 Foxtrot

    U bs too much… just teach the song..

  9. How can i play Darude Sandstorm?

  10. "Practice makes permanent; PERFECT practice makes perfect. Start over!" said my piano teacher a thousand times.


  12. What amp settings should I use. I'm currently using an orange 35ldx

  13. Says beginner and this song is advanced. 

  14. How do u tune your amp

  15. Pls help me I'm just a beginner with a elec gutuar and I'm only 11 and I really wanna learn 

  16. Excellente" buddy. Thanks from Canada eh'

  17. Can u teach us how to play a black veil brides song by any chance 

  18. Andy, you are so way kewl. Thanks for the lesson!

  19. No no no no no no I know and easier way

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