Back In Black by AC/DC – Guitar Lesson – How To Play – EASY

Back In Black by AC/DC - Guitar Lesson - How To Play - EASY

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Back In Black by AC/DC – Guitar Lesson – How To Play – EASY Brett Papa papastache papastachepop papastache102
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  1. After 3 years the little lick after the first three chords is still a pain

  2. I am barely learning the guitar and you made me be able to do this no sweat

  3. V good but might want to consider a tab bar at ghe top of the screen.

  4. My should put the tabliture on the screen to when u do this just saying maybe for a tip

  5. John Harrington

    Nice thanks I got it down but I need to work on my speed lol thanks!

  6. Instead of pinning the B on the A string I find it easier to keep that riff all on the E string, 7-4,7-5,7-6,7-7slide…

  7. I take it that this is played flat ?

  8. No part 2:(??

  9. hey papastache, just wanna know what is your bridge pickup?

  10. I have a gibson


    im stuck on the second part cold you help me?

  12. THE assAssin123

    I just learnt how to play back in black in 5 minutes didn't i?

  13. I'm french and i love your video ! !

  14. like very mush

  15. cant get the g-2end fred bended its so frustrating AND PAINFULL

  16. Sick video, awesome strat too

  17. Jesuit Acid Attack

    You fuckin' rock dude, thanks so much for this. You're a great teacher

  18. Great lesson! Clearly explained and illustrated. Easy to follow. I learned so much in 6:53! Thanks!

  19. I really like his voice 😛

  20. my guitar teacher can play that its so good

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