Bad Moon Rising Guitar Lesson w: SOLO! Creedence Clearwater Revival CCR

Bad Moon Rising Guitar Lesson w: SOLO! Creedence Clearwater Revival CCR

Bad Moon Rising Chords & help: ►►

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  1. Why is it taking you an hour to teach us three chords are you for real

  2. Slowwwww lesson

  3. Hey Andy do you have the written tab for that little walk up from the D in the solo?

  4. Your sound is very good

  5. You're so awesome man. Thank you so much. You are my Teacher

  6. It's funny that they do swamp rock and they're from San Fran

  7. My first lesson.  I've played this song for years but needed to boot up from just campfire .  You gave me the right stuff to think about for adding polish.  Thanks.

  8. Great lesson Andy. Good tune too

  9. Should be tuned to D standard. Then play E chord.

  10. Hi Andy many thanks again for a great tutorial. This is another song i can add to my repertoire thanks to you. Been playing for 18 months; you were the first site I found and I learnt my first chords from you! Thanks again my friend!

  11. Can you make a tutorial on how to play colorful by the verve pipe

  12. Absolute rubbish

  13. hi Andy, wanted to see if you take requests haha if so please show a lesson for "Wish It was True" – The White Buffalo I've been in love with the song and would like to play it please! 🙂

  14. what the fukury.. what abt solo..??

  15. You helped me out alot ive been struggling to learn this song, Thanks alot!

  16. Hi Andy, Would you like to do a guitar lesson for CCR – UP AROUND THE BEND? I love this song 🙂 Thanks, Gabriel

  17. SO cool 🙂

  18. My school doesnt do d major a major and g major we do d,a7, then g not those chords

  19. Willy. Very good and helpfull Wortel

    Thanks man!! Very clear explanation!

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