Badfinger – Baby Blue (1972) – Breaking Bad finale Song – Guitar lesson – how to play on guitar

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
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  1. Ffs I wanna cry again

  2. Does anyone know how they originally played the outro?

  3. And now say my name

  4. Heisenberg's Hat ,,,good band name….as good as Spock's Beard …

  5. Too bad that tabs are missing ….

  6. During the first chord should I leave the first string without playing?

  7. Hey "brother'', play the music ''starman ( davidbrown). please.
    Eu learn more watching yours recordings. please!

  8. Love this song and your teaching!! Where do you live (what state)? Can you recommend a good guitar teacher that teaches like you in NYC? Thank u!

  9. I love this lesson. Thanks!

  10. DerpyPotatoesXD

    In honor of Walter White

  11. That Hat belongs to Heisenberg

  12. Does anyone have the TAB?? 🙂

  13. Данил Дерменжи.

    say my name

  14. Very cool tune!

  15. Michael Hamersky

    Thanks very much. I tried learning this years ago. This feels so good. I can't wait to plug in tomorrow, but for now, the kid's sleeping. May the Great Spirit in the Big Country Sky watch over you brother.

  16. Rip Marty

  17. Awesome! I've been wanting to play this song eve since I bought the album over 40 years ago. So simple!

  18. Pruthav Abhyankar

    BIG THANKS Marty thanks alot

  19. Marty, you're awesome!!

  20. That moment you put the capo on 2 then realise its meant to be on 4 🙁
    Awesome video, thanks man, really appreciated

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