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Released in 1977 as the first single off their Little Queen album, “Barracuda” quickly became Heart’s signature song that is still heard frequently on the radio today.

It’s hard rocking gallop rhythm along with liberal use of harmonics made “Barracuda” one of the standout songs of the seventies.

In this Barracuda guitar lesson video, I will show you note-for-note how to play all the classic guitar chords and riffs found in this hard rock classic. And for good measure, I will show you how to play the guitar solo as well.

The song starts with a signature riff using a gallop rhythm interspersed with natural harmonics. It is a great picking exercise that needs to be played correctly in order to be able to get it up to speed. In this video lesson I will show you exactly how to pick it.

As the verse starts, we continue with this same rhythm with the addition of some quick power chord slides. Try to follow along with the original recording to get the timing of those slides just right.

The chorus moves around quite a bit. There is a harmonized guitar line that sounds very unique. In the lesson I will show you the main guitar part here that sounds great on it’s own without the additional harmony guitar part. Playing double-stops this fast can give lots of players fits, so if you are one of those be sure to take your time and get the fingerings down slowly.

The bridge introduces some arpeggio picking patterns that also require you to move around a lot with the chords ala Jimi hendrix. I decided to show this picking note-for-note since it occurs the exact same way both times.

After the bridge arrives the killer guitar solo. There are lots of cool pre-bends, slides and double-stops to contend with. For the fast closing lick I suggest using hybrid picking which I will demonstrate how to play during the video lesson.

So have fun breaking down this really killer guitar track from the incredible Heart!

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  1. Please do magic man

  2. way dif than any chord lessons

  3. Beyond Limits Productions

    Always enjoy your lessons..if I had the money I would donate. That being said your always my go to guru for accurate "song cover" lessons. Great work and instructions !

  4. asdfghjk asdfghjk

    How do you make it sound like that?

  5. how do you make your guitar sound ungodly like that is

  6. Love the lesson. It's right on target except for one small detail that has been bugging the crap out of me… LOL…. It's not a "He" it's a "She"…. Nancy Wilson is the guitarist for Heart.. Ha

  7. top mais ta muito chiado o son

  8. thank you. i was trying to figure out the notes. helped much.

  9. awsome…how do you ever figure this stuff out? It would take me months.

  10. Wow including right hand technique in a lesson because it's kind of just as important as the left who'd have thought lol.  Real nice job man thanks!

  11. You nailed it! Every little part! Cool! Great job!

  12. You covered the entire song, very well done, thanks much. Now, all I need to do is get busy with it…there's a lot of tricky stuff to that tune!

  13. Carl: I respect your accuracy with your lessons. You're always spot on.

  14. Love your lessons, and thank you. It sounds great but you didn't mention that during the verses they go for 9 beats, not 8.

  15. Do you have a lesson for all the lead guitar parts for Heart's Magic Man? I would pay for that in a HEART beat. pun intended.

  16. Ahhh, detail… What a nice surprise. Thx!

  17. thanks ! I'm going blind at 53 years old a need all the help I can get you are great !! when I am playing guitar I will think of you and your support ! thanks very very much . snooka G 🙂

  18. Love this lesson, Carl! Taught me a lot! Playing it like a champ! Great video!

  19. What amp/other effects other than a flanger/phaser do you use? that mushy sound is sick

  20. Great lesson thanks

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