Basic Acoustic Guitar Lesson -Paul Baloche

Paul Baloche teaching Basic Acoustic Guitar Lesson for beginners.
Enjoy it!


  1. god bless you

  2. very nice sir paul.
    more more worship songs
    you played.
    Because i want to learn…
    Thanks and God Bless you always

  3. Thank you so much for all your help! Your a blessing for all of us!!!

  4. you're a good man Mr Baloche

  5. Thank you sooo much, Histeam Uganda

  6. Thank You Pastor Paul Baloche…. Love you

  7. Where have you been all my life Sir Paul Baloche.  Love these teachings…so clear!

  8. Awesome worship.  Great work Paul.

  9. Greetings from Kenya. Thank you for blessings us with your gift. 

  10. Basic Acoustic Guitar Lesson Paul Baloche DVD Booklet
    It's out of print….does anyone have one I could buy?

  11. What DVD?  How do I get it and the booklet? What is it called?

  12. You are my master now.

  13. God bless you Paul. So encouraging. Steven

  14. Thanks :)

  15. Thank you for being an encourager! 

  16. thanks for this video,God bless you

  17. jOlson Guitar! so Jelous

  18. Thank God for everything.

  19. May God bless you more and do more exploits for God

  20. Haha…you retards!

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