Basic Fingerpicking Studies – Beginner Guitar Lesson

Basic Fingerpicking Studies - Beginner Guitar Lesson

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This lesson covers the basics of fingerpicking positioning on the guitar. After a brief overview of the technique we will learn a couple of short musical studies that use the new technique that you learned. A FREE PDF TAB download of the music shown in this lesson is available from the main site at While you are at the main site feel free to watch all of the many other FREE video guitar tutorial for players of all levels updated everyday. Your support of these lesson at the main site is what will enable me to continue these daily updates. THANKS!!

Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown


  1. are these lessons only for the electric guitar? Thanks!

  2. No this isn't the first lesson go to his website mentioned above ^ "guitarlessons365" (sorry cant paste tht link here thx to 'youtube' but its right there in the discription ) it has all the lessons in organised format :D. Hope this helps

  3. is this the very first lesson to learn the guitar??

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