Basic Guitar Lesson 2 for Beginners in (Hindi) by | Acoustic Pahadi |

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  1. Every Beautiful Girl Deserves An Eye! JIO, THANK U

  2. best ever guitar teacher on you tube

  3. guitar sound can heard by guitar tuner

  4. Rutvik Prajapati

    great sir

  5. Anujsingh Thakur

    thanks for makingg

  6. Tanvi Billawaria

    I am trying to learn guitar since a few months online. lekin i wasnt satisfied anywhere. you seem to teach well. i hope i will learn it in the coming lessons. thankyou. atleast i can tune the guitar now. untuned pr toh pata nahi kya baja rahi thi itne time se

  7. my last e string gets perfect..what should i do

  8. so nice video bro…but I don't have guitar

  9. good job sir.apke smjane ka tareeka bht brilliant hai..

  10. nic…

  11. You are misleading the beginners. Those who don't have smartphones how they gonna tune? U should have told the manual method of tuning to make the base of beginners strong.

  12. Every beautiful girl deserves an eye ka matlab hai k " Har sundar ladki niharne ke qaabil hoti hai" . tum galat bole bhai iska meaning.

  13. hey… bro i bought a new guitar …. yesterday .. i am having alot of pain in my fingers and i can't play cords… perfectly… plzz give ma solution…

  14. i am a beginner which guitar should i buy

  15. i am a beginner , i am very glad to watch your video

  16. Harish Gonchigar

    music is louder than you speak, it should be reverse

  17. nice yarr thanx

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