Basics of playing Reggae Part 1 – Major and Minor Triads – Bass Lesson – L#3

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PART 2 –
This lesson will prepare you to play reggae. You’ll learn the Major and Minor Triads. This will be helpful for reggae but also any other genre. Understand this and become good at playing it and you’ll develop your bass skills quickly!

If you are just starting to play the bass, I suggest you also watch my previous lessons to make sure you can have a good start!


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  1. Bravo ! I actually think I understand what you're saying !! This is a lightbulb moment !! Awesome ! Well done good sir ! Had to subscribe !!

  2. Well the hand on fret guide us. 😛

  3. l love to play bass guitar

  4. l live to play bass guitar

  5. l live to play bass guitar

  6. How To Play Reggae

    Triads not a bad idea. Try the major and minor pentatonic scales as well.

  7. Knowing the triad (the notes in the chord) is just the first step. Playing those notes in various rhythmic combinations (and remembering to leave spaces…it's as important to know when NOT to play notes as when to play them!) is what distinguishes reggae from other genres, all of which can use triads as well. I'd say the best approach to reggae bass is to treat it as a fundamental "drum" which defines the rhythmic and harmonic mode of the music.

  8. This information has unlocked my bass playing…. thank you for making a great informative video. Respect.

  9. you speak to much

  10. Major Triad = 3 notes in major scale = do-mi-so or 1-3-5

  11. Thanks for the video man

  12. Thank you all for you views, subscriptions and comments!

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  13. For anyone who knows scales…just drop the the 2nd and 4th note.

  14. Informative! Thanks, man!

  15. GoRealla Bonzai Ent.

    This clicked a light bulb on for me too. I hadn't played for years. never learned cords because most the guitarist I played with didnt know enough about bass chords. never had anyone mention a triad. Awesome. Thank you brother.

  16. Great info!

  17. its always 4.20 in this video 😉 always!

  18. so an arpeggio?

  19. So cool and easy to follow

  20. Oh!  Finally….just what i have been looking for .Thanks

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