Bass Basics 1: The notes on the Bass

In this tutorial you will learn the names of the notes on the fretboard of the bass guitar. Download the diagram: Subscribe:


  1. Great lesson! It was very helpful thank you.

  2. YOU the man i understood everything thanks

  3. great teacher. !

  4. PierceTheBlackVeil FallingOutAtTheMyChemicalDisco

    I want to learn bass and I already play the violin but I didn't expect it to be THIS similar!

  5. Thanks buddy. I have been looking for a lecture like this for a long time

  6. Thank you for making this understandable

  7. Gabriel Martinez

    this was extremely helpful I thought this was gonna be way more confusing! thanks

  8. First off, for the love of God, thank God someone is finally not stupid. Forreal dude, you're the first guy I've seen do it right. I mean I guess it's easier for me cause I've learned a bunch of instruments before this, but all of the videos I've seen before this make it sound so complicated, and you just laid it out and gave us the info we needed to know. Keep going dude, you're doing a good job.

  9. Gracias Manny por tremendo video, Manny, estoy aprendiendo bastante escalas pero son tantas que estoy enredao, cual escalas serian las esenciales para Rock, gracias Manny!!!!!

  10. Awsome! Great job

  11. very good m got my sub …helpfuuuuuuul !! i needed this , other vids are awsome2

  12. Great video. I am a complete beginner and your explanations actually covered everything. Most bass tutorial videos seem to be focused on explaining what the title of the video is and nothing else, even when they are supposed to be for beginners. Thanks!

  13. Thank you my brother your the man

  14. your video helped me so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This video is really good man!x

  16. Really good explanation for beginners. Many experienced players just can't put themselves back into the mind of a beginner, but you do.

  17. Thank you very much! Great video

  18. Big up Manny. Thanks!

  19. thank you so much;-)

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