Bass Basics 2: Intervals

In this tutorial you will learn the names of the music intervals and how to play them on the bass guitar. Download the diagram: Subscribe:


  1. Being an Instructor myself I know the hardest apart of teaching is remembering what it was like to know nothing as a new student. Manny is a great instructor. In the martial arts we say music is not the notes, it's the spaces between the notes that make music. Anyone can play notes but it won't be music. Timing is everything. Thanks Manny.

  2. You are very good teacher. I've watched hundreds of videos and have found some great players who are poor teachers. Thank you so much for the videos.

  3. Thanks man. You’re a great teacher.

  4. Strickland's Spray Art

    1st video I've watched that has made sense. Thanks bro.

  5. Very good explanation! Simple and clear!

  6. Hi manny.. i just started playing a few weeks ago. do you have the video that explains how to apply this lesson about interval or about chords to a song? because based on what I understand, when you play bass in a song, you just play the root chord, so if the song chords are C D E F G, then the bass just play the C D E F G doesnt it? I hope you get what I mean .. TIA, manny. Cheerz ..

  7. Alejandro Ansberto Mejia Vilorio

    Is it possible to use that kind of bass (Fender Squier 4 strings) for playing merengue and what kind of amplifier bass speaker do you recommend to?

  8. None of this made sense to me…..Major 3rd is the 4th one, or whatever? And why are they called that different things? So confusing….

  9. thanks manny – a french student 😉

  10. Absolutely awesome thank you!

  11. Thanks Manny, you are the best teacher I have seen on YouTube. Your videos are really excellent for beginners… Others claim beginners videos but just say things without explaining. Your chart and method of teaching makes things incredibly clear to me. Here ends my search for a bass teacher. God bless you brother.

  12. Adeyinka Akinwande adeplayhouse

    Hi, it's one of the simplest tutorials I've seen, I am happy to have located your channel. Could you please increase the audio level a bit.
    Many thanks
    Kind regards

  13. Dj Fingers Flores

    good stuff manny….bravo

  14. Extremely clear with easy to follow lessons, you're helping a lot of people

  15. ArcheryBowsReview

    Man your a good teacher. Keep up the good work.

  16. Youre incredible ! Great teacher. Its nice and simple. Thank you for taking the time to make these and post. Subscribed !

  17. Amazing, thank you.

  18. does this apply to the guitar aswell?

  19. thank you

  20. Legend has it that if you play a tritone in the mirror at midnight 10 times in a row…

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