Bass Chord Pro – All The Chords You’ll Ever Need On Bass – Lesson 1 – The Major Chord

Head to the site to sign up for Bass Chord Pro for instant access to the course. Don’t forget to download the free PDF chord chart showing you all the major chords on your bass as well as the ‘shell voicings’. It’s right underneath the video.

When you sign up for Bass Chord Pro, you’ll be playing awesome sounding bass chords in no time. It’s a very simple system that you shouldn’t have any trouble with at all. The hard part is figuring all of this stuff out, and I’ve done it for you already.

Whether you want to play solo bass material, fill more space in your band, get more harmonic knowledge or just want to know all the best bass chord shapes – you’ll learn it in Bass Chord Pro – and did I mention it is absolutely FREE!!!

Rather than watching a thousand different videos trying to ‘crack the code’ of playing chords on bass – just watch these eight and all your questions will be answered!

It’s almost like a shortcut to Bass Chord Mastery.

And if you still have questions at the end of the course, just email me, and I’ll make a new video just for you – answering any questions you might have.

I’m really excited to be able to bring you this little mini-course. Just head over to the site, look around – download the free PDF chart – and sign up for the rest of the course.

I’ll see you there!



Bass Chord Pro

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  1. I've been playing bass for two years and never got into chords. This video is super helpful and I'm going to watch this series. Crystal clear instruction. Thanks!

  2. Wery useful PDF file

  3. Lower frequencies are farther apart, not closer together.

  4. You are a GREAT teacher.

  5. Kenath Warnarathne

    I'm from SRI LANKA please be kind enough to make a draft of the chords it will be a better understanding to us. thank you

  6. Kenath Warnarathne

    PLEASE give chords in a chart then we can understand well we are Sri Lankans thank you

  7. theoretically,
    can any and all guitar chords be played on a bass to?

  8. Excellent tutorial – chords played on the bass sound like no other instrument.

  9. Joshua Wannemacher

    This just blew my mind haha. you got yourself a new subscriber!

  10. Excellent!

  11. I didnt even know there is chords on bass. I feel stupid and I should

  12. So move the third up an octave for brighter sound. Got it.


  13. interesting approach to bass…..

  14. Hey Luke, loves the series. Is there anyway you could put all these videos into a playlist so they're easy to watch? Thanks!

  15. great teacher

  16. Thank you for this. Simple and easy to understand.

  17. I have a question, so to play chords on bass do you have to strum??? I never learned that:/

  18. Thanks so Much, i Love The Chords on the Bass!!!

  19. Harrison Johnson

    Man, that position is so uncomfortable. It makes my hand cramp really hard after just a few minutes of playing chords. I guess I'll have to get used to it.

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