Bass Grooves – #24 5-4-1 Salsa Groove Playalong – Bass Guitar Lesson – Andrew Ford

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  1. Angel Robledo Jr.

    So cool. Loved it bro. Best job I've seen of somebody teaching how to play salsa bass. Especially loved the slap pattern. I saw one other bass player doing that in Fort Worth, TX. Sounded awesome. Thanks for sharing

  2. Neb NuMu DjediKhepri KauSen

    What are some tips on eq for this style. The bass sounds amazing. Excellent lesson.

  3. gisselere samuel

    j adore ce rythme !!

  4. 5-4-1, is that the chord progression ?

  5. Hey guys, Im looking for a simple tutorial video that is basically the tabs and song to play along to. Anyone got any links?

  6. Wow… Interesting

  7. Thtz a awsome salsa baseline

  8. i can not hear the bass

  9. roberto zaragoza

    Esta bastante sencillo pero se me complica seguirlo ): 

  10. a notation of this would be helpful. slowin it down and counting and it's still eluding me in a couple places with your first line

  11. hey tough guy, be careful ….you never wanna get bitch slapped with my bass

  12. alright Mr. Know it all.

  13. Yeahh i like it :-)

  14. thanks

  15. ATL Md, you should know that this style for learners is a bit difficult, not impossible, but be nice, remember you were not born knowing..

  16. Thank you!!! Very good video!!!

  17. If you can't pick up what these guys are playing by HEARING and SEEING clearly what they are playing.. don't pick up the bass. If you need a step by step walk thru its probably not 4 u.

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