Bass Guitar for Beginners

A tutorial film for people who want to start learning how to play the bass guitar.


  1. Hard to play it

  2. 7:56 The two sound "quite similar??" Grow some ears. The A string is evidently lower.

  3. I already know how to play guitar and this video made me feel stupid


    Does anyone want start a band?

  5. Nine Tens “Short” And Fivers

    I have so many questions! I'm still at the start of the video but I may as well ask them now. See, my birthday is coming up and I'm really fond of both the look and sound of bass guitar, but I want something that is portable.

    1) Can you play bass without amplifier? If so, what does it sound like?

    2) If not, are there any small and cheap amplifiers that are considered portable?

    3) Instead, Can an acoustic bass be played without an amp?

    4) Are there any other sizes of basses since I'm tiny af?

    Sorry for sounding like a dumbass! I'm not very familiar with it but I really hope to start playing one.

  6. when he said just like heaven i was like ahahahsauihdui

  7. ugly bass

  8. Guys why wont my parents let me buy a new bass? I'm working and i have my own job. I already have over 3 grand saved for college but im just going to a community college. My grandpa says i need to save my money but its my money and im the one who is fucking working for it. what can i say to him to let me buy a new bass?

  9. Why do these you tube videos have grappy back ground music

  10. Isabelle Metcalfe

    0:19 Is that Set me Free by Velvet Revolver playing in the background???

  11. love this tutorial man! i'm going to watch this every time i play bass!

  12. Google "Rick Leon James Course" for an extensive but to the point beginners guide to the bass guitar by the professional instrumentalist.

  13. great vid

  14. think the "Slither" song sounds good, and certainly smth in here for beginners.
    I even played in a Band here and there but Covers mostly make me unnerved, or space out or smth,
    anyways, nice Vid .

  15. Too bad ALL bass players are beginners.

  16. thank you bro

  17. And without a pick, what could you do? ;)

  18. Sounds like Robin Gibb.

  19. Van “Vendetta Anon Wolfe” Hellsing

    Now I want a Les Paul Bass Guitar

  20. What guitar is that?

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