Bass Guitar : How to Play the Acoustic Bass

Bass Guitar : How to Play the Acoustic Bass

The acoustic bass is a cross between an electric bass and an acoustic guitar, held and played like an electric bass though it produces sound the same way as an acoustic guitar. Play an acoustic bass by resting the thumb of the strumming hand on the top string or against the bass body, according to the tips in this free video music lesson from a bass guitar instructor.

Expert: Steve Bauman
Bio: Steve Bauman has been playing bass guitar for 15 years. He instructs on his own time as well as for Summerhays Music located in Murray, Utah.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton
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  1. Mittens the meme

    Dammit every single bass I've seen was flat black

  2. HI, for a beginner do you recommend that?

  3. Gabriel Cordova

    Great info….thanx so much!

  4. Absolutey useless video.

  5. is there a lot sound differrence between acoustic bass and electric bass?

  6. You can buy thumb rest for these

  7. lol my name is the same as yours when ppl mispronounce my last name

  8. Jose Rafael Lluberes Reyes

    May you tell me, I have an acoustic bass guitar without pick up, can install the EQ 7545r.

  9. It sounds loud? wich bass is that?

  10. Does anyone know how what's price for that acoustic bass???

  11. I got so offended when he said upright bass. It's not an upright bass it's a double bass, asshole

  12. Noble the Heathen

    bass is the most underrated instrument of all time.

  13. Dumb question: Can you string a acoustic bass guitar with flatwound strings or does it require roundwound?

  14. With every point made in this video, I'm like… "no shit"

  15. Why is everyone down voting this video?

  16. I've been playing an Ibanez Acoustic Bass for about a month now. So far I'm loving it, and it sounds great plugged in also. It's nice to be able to come home (I work nights), and play it quietly in the front room, then plug it in to the amp and play with some volume other times. (Ibanez Bass Guitars are pretty quiet as far as bass guitars go).

  17. are ther nylon strings for acosutic basses???

  18. I am just starting out on an Ibenaz acoustic Bass and I'm getting a lot of fret clanking. Does anyone know how to fix that?

  19. GamesOffNermal MetalBassist

    #pointless video because a bass and a guitar make sound thankyou captain lack of expanation!

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