Bass Guitar Lesson – #2 The Cycle as a Practice Tool – Ariane Cap

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  1. I've been impressed with all your lessons. I just bought your book. Looking forward to the exercises and drills.

  2. Woman do make better teachers,the cycle of 5ths where Greek to me until I saw these videos.I've reach a milestone"My Pinky Hurts" thank you.

  3. Robert van Vuuren

    The Cycle of 5ths is now a piece of crystal in my mind; it was a bucket of muddy water! Thank you!!

  4. Anthony Ebenezer

    i love it

  5. Great lesson! Opens up some real possibilities for harmonious solos.

  6. I found the cycle so helpful for learning andn my teacher made me play the relative minor after each major arp. egs- C-Amin, F-Dmin etc.

  7. Ramon Coromoto Rodriguez

    buena class

  8. What a simple, useful, beautiful exercise for beginner/intermediates. Well Done. Bravo!

  9. Jesse Liang Music

    that  was nice

  10. Salt and lime life Pcbflausa

    smart chix are HOT !

  11. A truly ingenious practice idea! Much appreciated!

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