Bass guitar lesson: 4 Basic Chord Shapes

Doing a quick tutorial on how to form chords and apply them.
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  1. you are a god send

  2. and when the root are in d string?

  3. Prisco PriscoLievins

    Im like a total begginer at playing the bass basicly i know nothing about it do you mind making a video of how to play the bass

  4. Hi Travis, I'm a beginner in Bass .I realize you're playing with a six strings Bass but
    how can I match your lesson to a four strings? Great knowledge and teaching skill,

  5. Hey Bruh dat was nice. Datz a must apply to any plain gospel bass line.

  6. Sorry I meant 5th's lol! Oh by the way please post a video break down of your version of Tash Cobbs. It's Massive! God's Richest Blessings

  7. Travis my bro thanks so much. I love the tutorial! I usually play the standard chords on my bass as arpeggios ie 7th's but want more tips please. Can you please post more tutorials showing how to use chords in each key, as is c-b please. Thanks and God's Richest Blessings

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