‘Bass Guitar Lesson’ 4. ‘Basic Country Techniques’.

'Bass Guitar Lesson' 4. 'Basic Country Techniques'.

‘Bass Guitar Tutorial’ 4
‘Country techniques’
‘Complete backing track without bass’ ‘Folsom Prison Blues’
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  1. thank you!.

  2. thanks..very helpfull

  3. Babylon Central

    Great job man!

  4. The Deliberate Musician

    good video, check out my channel!
    great stuff
    good explanation
    nice approach
    I like it
    very helpful
    Sounds good!
    You have talent!
    Very inspiring.
    Keep up the great work.
    I like your sound.
    Nice job.
    Very cool

  5. Christopher Stowe

    Thank you so much for the simple extremely easy lessons.  I am taken up Bass Guitar after listening and watching my dad play for 50+ years.  At 41 yrs old, (Lost my left pinky 4 years ago) I'm at a loss to where to begin.  Your video's are the first I've found with someone not using their pinky.  Flipping the bass and stringing upside down is not an option at this time.  I played Cello and Double B during my youth, so picking things up from scratch again.  I have a very determined 4 year old who wants to learn Drums and Bass, so going to learn with him.   Again thank you for the lessons, and any pointers or suggestion about learning with a missing pinky finger now.

  6. I love this sweet simple country bass style! I just started playing bass and am loving it! How would you feel about making a video explaining how to figure out the walk ups and downs between notes? I did check out the link you sent for the guitar lesson but she didn't really get into exactly how you know which notes to play. I assume you use the scale but I am not sure and can't find any videos on it.  Thank you!

  7. Hi – think I know what you mean, I found this video which demonstrates it on a 6 string – it's just the same on a bass.
    Country Alternating Bass and Walk Down Lesson

  8. Jayden D_Thang

    this is very good  and helpful/
    also can u make run with country 
    i mean skill 

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