Bass Guitar Lesson – #4 The Diatonic Cycle (Jazz) – Ariane Cap



  1. Dude u looks like a women…

  2. I don't want to be mean. But you are not a teacher. I'll leave it there…

  3. Oh, and i like your bass too. It has low action, it's elemental, wild and has energy like U.

  4. wayne stockton

    i'm liking the lessons, hope their will be a lot more to come

  5. that bass sounds really bad… A lot of buzzing and bad recording eq :(

  6. António Correia

    Thanks for the intent but actually seems more a demonstration of knowledge. Where is the tabs, etc. etc. etc…. 
    Sorry my english…

  7. Richard Palmer

    I learned a lot even though I play 6 string acoustic. It is a good ground to build  solos on if you are not a beginner and understand musical theory – cycling through five positions could prove quite an interesting challenge

  8. Christian Robinson

    Thats NOT a lesson, its a demonstration… people need to learn how to teach. These are NOT lessons, its a sample of how YOU play the Diatonic Cycle… If I turn on my camera as I make a bowl of cereal and I just SHOW you what ive done… thats NOT a lesson its a demonstration… once I start telling you the ingredients, and the proportions of the ingredients and once I explain what type of bowl im using and what type of milk Im using and if I would add sugar or not, that is a lesson…  if thats the case, then EVERY time I watch someone PLAY guitar on TV, that would be a lesson. or every time you watch someone play, you can learn from watching them UPSIDE down…. how is that a lesson? its a "good" sample of how YOU play it but there are NO instructions, directions or theory, you are assuming that everyone knows the notes and the numbers that corresponds to those notes. I hope this helps your up coming lessons to actually TEACH and NOT demonstrate.

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