Bass Guitar Lesson “Down Tempo R&B/Hip Hop Booty Groove” Andy Irvine

Bass Guitar Lesson “Down Tempo R&B/Hip Hop Booty Groove” Andy Irvine
Warwick Streamer Stage 1 Bass, Hellborg Preamp,Hellborg MonoPower500,WCA410,WCA115


  1. best lesson ever. the man's got soul, fuck yeah!

  2. Thanks for this video

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHhhhh Man I LOVE this!!!! +Belomy Harris 

  4. Love you Andy!!!

  5. No I'ma have to get a bass guitar, like last night I'm at the music shop thinkin' i should get this… this morning I'm watching your video like why the fugg didn't i buy it!!!
    Damn you just opened my ears to love the bass guitars. 
    Thanks brother!

  6. I fuggkin' love this shit!  Makes me wanna learn how to play bass.

  7. selfmade 555 (selfmade803)

    Thanks shit was sick

  8. Cheeky solo, loved it. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Amazing!!!! Makes me want to make a beat for an R and b singer!

  10. That was grooving hard. That would make momma want to shake it. Great job man. Thank you for posting this video.

  11. Simple just pivoting off the 5th below each new chord, think about it , got it? ok so see there is nothing wrong about how this is bass line is described and demonstrated.

  12. He's not ENTIRELY wrong — the G is the 5th tone in C.

  13. Does anyone know where i can get that beat from. Thanks I really enjoy watching Andy.

  14. I honestly wish I could play as smoothly as you Andy. Some of that improvisation made my spine tingle. My Cort Curbow 5 plays just like your Warwick (Not quite as well, but near enough considering the price difference). I watch your videos all the time, and there's no other guy I'd rather learn some bass techniques from. Thanks for all these, it's great that you do them

  15. is it possible to get a sample of the beat you are using? on itunes i can just loop it then.

  16. thanks Andy!

  17. could you send me that funky drum beat….that's just funky..thanks
    Keep on jamming, you a great inspiration for a lot of us….

  18. andy irvine is all that…so is warwick… those bass tones are sweet and delicious… get funky you crazy hunk of bass love… yeah thats right…

  19. hello, really very cool video and cool attitude cordially

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