Bass Guitar Lesson: Easy Blues Line

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Learn how to play a blues bass line. This kind of line is usually referred to as “the box” because the fingering pattern outlines a box shape. Russ will first show you how to play the line measure by measure to make sure you understand the proper fingering and count. We’ll then practice the line over a slow tempo jam track
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  1. Stephen Driscoll

    I had to fast forward all the way to 8:50 to find out what he was demonstrating. Not good. A demo at the beginning would be better.

  2. he's the man who dosent need to blink…

  3. Tìm hiểu làm thế nào để chơi một dòng bass blues.

  4. Guns n Roses for Life

    Am I the only one who notices he doesn't blink?

  5. no medium tempo…

  6. Ricardo Rodriguez

    I am just starting to play bass, this it's the first blues song that I learned… Ty 🙂

  7. Cảm ơn bạn đã gợi ý rất dễ hiểu cho bài tập

  8. Thanks Russ for an easy lesson, I`m a begginer and find your teaching method very simple to follow.

  9. … and thats probably why you suck at bass

  10. im very sorry but its risen to 5 over the past year

  11. I have that exact same Ibanez

  12. What are some easy sings to play as a beginner?

  13. You get the tabs and information of the notes if you follow the link.

    And whilst I type this I see your comment is two years old.


  14. I've finally learned a groove that I can practice on and I understood. Thanks.

  15. very good. Just 1 suggestion, it would be nice if you play the whole thing first before the break down. Appreciate your time.

  16. "Nope, it's Chuck Testa".
    It's him

  17. @rockinmohokin Get better speakers, or plug in studio headphones with bass delivery.

  18. @Norocmorth lol

  19. 2 people blink

  20. I cannot hear the bass. Turn up the amp or don't talk so loud.

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