Bass Guitar Lesson – Fast Finger Funk – Andy Irvine



  1. I use to play slap allll the time, then i broke my wrist and couldn't play anything for around a year and a half, when i got back into playing slap I had to quit because personally it just wasnt as interesting, now im strictly finger style but the good news is you can make fingerstyle sound even more if not as funky as slap w/ stuff like ghost notes etc, i think a lot of people take that for granted, younger players i guess. But now its been like almost 5 years of not playing slap and ive totally forgotten everything about it, kind of a bummer but as i said before im much more interested in fingerstyle (didn't wanna say fingering because that jokes old as hell)

  2. Fantastic! What's bass?

  3. hey man can i hire you for a session?

  4. I like how detailed the explanations are, thanks.

  5. While lots of great bass players post stuff on You Tube, Andy posts lots of lessons that I can actually use in a band situation. Great job.

  6. Highly refined touch, gratifyingly consistent right hand. I can listen to this for hours.

  7. i love ur bass 

  8. Well this smells funky! Good stuff, thanks!

  9. Thanks Andy, this is great fun and look forward to more of your postings. Cheers Baz

  10. Great video and excellent example

  11. Great explanation. Good video. Thanks for your help.

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