Bass Guitar Lesson “Funky Bubbling” Andy Irvine

Bass Guitar Lesson “Funky Bubbling” Andy Irvine
Funky Finger Style Bubbling,Ghost noting,Jaco/Rocco vibe.
Warwick Streamer Stage1 Custom Andy Irvine “Angel Bass” Hellborg Preamp, Hellborg MonoPower500,WCA410,WCA115


  1. Also have a bandmate who says dont worry about your tone or strings just play, I laugh at that because tone is everything to him (has to use boogie) because of tone.

  2. Andy how often do you change your strings? I find I dont like my tone after about a weeks worth of hard practice maybe 20 hours of time on my SS Strings. I bounce from DR High beams, DR DTT's and D'Addario Pro Steels.

  3. Love the lessons! Really useful, cant wait to grab my bass and practice it! 😀 keep on the lessons, loving it!! :D

  4. Haha. If one doesn't have a shit-eating grin on their face whilst playing their bass, they're playing it wrong. You are clearly playing it right. 

  5. Aussiesteveification

    Fantastic lesson Andy 🙂 thank you .

  6. Лексей Михалыч

    Great lesson! Thank You, Andy!

  7. ìdolo!!! K-PO! Gracias totales saludos de Uruguay!!! 🙂 :)

  8. Wow! that was cool. I'll put my bass down and just listen to you. :-)

  9. Thank You Andy!

  10. Juan Carlos Rodríguez

    guauuu amazing!!! jajaja

  11. Fantastic Andy my man!!.

  12. Dat fill do at 12:05


  14. love your bass and your playing wow nicely done.

  15. Lyubomir Grigorov

    tabs please ? 

  16. Wow , what a great lesson ,im  blown away , awesome instructor

  17. Excellent lesson man. Your playing looks effortless!!!! Lesson bookmarked and saved to favorites!!! 

  18. Andy-what are you using for strings and what gauge are they? I play a 5 string and usually rest my thumb on the B string like you do. I see these strings bending a lot so I was wondering it you had a very light gauge or if you are really strong? 

  19. How nice of you to offer to send out drum loops! I will be contacting you and thanks for another great video.

  20. Staccato!Risotto.

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