BASS GUITAR LESSON – Funky Finger Style Groove – Andy Irvine

BASS GUITAR LESSON – Funky Finger Style Groove – Andy Irvine


  1. I love this kinda funky bass got myself a new MENTOR !

  2. Funky fresh! 

  3. this is very awesome i just love it

  4. I don't know why this doesn't have views this is so helpful. 

  5. great lesson sir.
    taught me what funk is.
    thanks a lot sir

  6. Backing track pleaseeee!!!! I need it in my life!!! Lol great stuff!!!!

  7. Nice one Andy :0)
    I play electric and acoustic guitar and teach Didgeridoo and I fancy another crack at Bass. Your video here has spurred me on to get another Bass.
    I had one briefly then swapped it for a fantastic Switch Vibrocell guitar… oops !
    Now I'm on the lookout on ebay for a bargain short scale Bass ;0)
    Thanks for your inspiration man

  8. Pocket ALL DAY! Love it!

  9. Get this down tight,and you have 90% of the James Brown tunes pretty much covered! 😉

  10. Jarod Carruthers

    Fantastic. I got a lot out of that. Great instruction video and hot Streamer!

  11. MojoDragonflyBass

    Another Great Lesson Andy! I like the fact that you are adding more & more detail to your lessons with a demo of each component.

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