Bass Guitar Lesson- “Funky Slap Bass/Marcus Miller Vibe” – Andy Irvine

Bass Guitar Lesson-

Bass Guitar Lesson – “Funky Slap Bass/Marcus Miller Vibe” – Andy Irvine
Warwick Custom Shop Streamer Stage 1 Bass, Hellborg Preamp, HellborgMonoPower500, WCA410, WCA115
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  1. Dewayne Chordsfordays"

    Sounds like a sting ray bass but ain't that a Warwick something. 

  2. Francisco Landeros

    really sexy bass

  3. o maestro kalamportzos me to kapelo! den fovase!

  4. Killin it!! Eeeghh!

  5. That was a bad ass pinch harmonic at @11:46

  6. Cool!! Thanks for the groove!!

  7. hahaha Andy you are to cool! Great video!

  8. Wilco Strijdhorst

    andy ,you are truly a fantastic person and bassplayer,please never stop doing this!!!respect!!

  9. AWESOME LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey Andy, I loved your vid bro. I learned some shit off of it. don't sweat the haters or the show offs.

  11. Connor Fredericks

    Dude great for that's a great feet that many cant pull off. On another hand guys stop with the drug comments he a happy dude that has an amazing attitude and is feeling the music and hes a great teacher so take enjoy the awesome video.

  12. from spain,thanks,please strings type?

  13. Man, is that your living room? Great vids.

  14. thanks Andy, you are a great bass player.

  15. Rutledge Turnlund

    why do people say such stupid things. I loved your lesson, really interesting. Rutledge

  16. Like the Bootsy bit in the middle, too.

  17. Hey Andy, instead of many others you really share your happiness for being a bass player.

    Keep on this way, bass bro 😉
    Cheers from Italy 😉

  18. many many many many people

  19. view this on a higher resolution so that he doesnt look like he's whacked

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