bass guitar lesson hotel california the eagles

bass guitar lesson hotel california the eagles Click this link for Beginner Bass Mastery DVD Course click this link to receive three FREE bass lessons not found on Youtube – basic to advanced included

bass guitar lesson hotel california the eagles


  1. Exactly what I needed, thank you!

  2. Srajan Fusion Rock Band

    Where can I find the tutorial for the Eagles – One of these nights? Please share the link, or please add a video at your end. :)

  3. if you give the whole tabs as well…then this would be lot better..!!

  4. thanks bro…for this video…

  5. Astrin arz grownd

    thanks I like your tutorials !!

  6. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! The seventh fret of the E string is a B. Jesus tap dancing Christ.

  7. Wow, do you have something against naming notes?

  8. Joseph Robichaud

    I play this tune with my band, I play those Bs on the A string to keep the run more fluid from top to bottom, no position change to that Fb…I feel it makes if flow a little better with less movement. just my opinion. then you open E back to Fb, B, Fb, is all in one position. only sliding down to the A, E, back to G, D, open E.

  9. i like the video but, if you are doing tutorials, which are primarily for beginners,
    i think it would help to use a bass with markers on the fretboard. but thanks

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