Bass Guitar Lesson: Part 3 – Playing over Common Chord Progressions



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Steve Silver discusses Playing over Common Chord Progressions that stay in the key.

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  1. How can this guy keep missing the all essential "one?" He's not really with the music. Not listening. Weird. This is total hoity-toity academia-babble and has nothing to do with just getting down to it. Nothing to get down with on what's being used on tracks, either. Where do these people come from?!?

  2. i love it

  3. No more Bass lesson?

  4. that piece of sheet music doesnt look like the F major scale, the key signature has a flat on the second line which means that note is Fb. ummm WTF shouldn't it be Bb instead cause in F major scale there is a Bb not a Fb.

  5. Ha…I only locked myself in for about 6 months and got fairly good ! I wish I would have took the whole two year program!

  6. @tomthefunky Your point being??

  7. OMG!! Dexter Holland

  8. why no andrew? : )

  9. Severe Distortion

    Andrew, new hairstyle or what?

  10. @jippie11261: There was a survey conducted by Guitar Player magazine where they asked a thousand guitarists one question: Was learning how to play as hard as you thought it would be. The overwhelming majority answered no.

    I once heard a radio interview with Pete Townshend. A caller asked him what advice he could give someone looking to start playing. He said "Buy a guitar and lock yourself in a room for two years." 

  11. I couldn't hear the bass. thanks for having a bass lesson.. much needed

  12. creativeguitarstudio


    Hello and thanks for watching!
    This video is part of a series on my YouTube Channel called, "Bass Guitar Lessons." Thanks again for watching.

    All the best,
    Andrew Wasson
    Creative Guitar Studio

  13. @jippie11261 I remember reading somewhere that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to be considered a master at anything, whether it be blacksmithing, plumbing, or bass guitar playing. That being said, it probably won't take you 10,000 to get a good grasp of roots, fifths, etc. I would expect maybe 10-25 to get a basic understanding of it.

  14. Where are Part 1 and Part 2?

  15. So… Roots, 5ths, Octaves, Arpeggios and Scales. Man, that's going to take awhile to get together… Anybody know what kind of time-frame this takes the average student to master? Please post a reply to me here if you know!

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