Bass Guitar Lesson – Phrygian Mode – Tony Grey

Bass Guitar Lesson – Phrygian Mode – Tony Grey

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** If your goal is to obtain complete mastery of your instrument and you want the freedom to make your own creative choices while playing you will need to have a solid and sufficient understanding of your instrument. These exercises will help you master your fingerboard knowledge in simple and creative ways enabling you to apply these techniques instantaneously to your way of playing.


  1. Thank you for sharing your talent. You are such a gifted player & all your notes rhyme like poetry. I would love purchase your CD's. God Bless.

  2. are you scottish ??

  3. Epifanio Cisneros

    You are amazing Tony tank you very much
    Great Teaching GBU!!

  4. Great video! An interesting misconception that most people who are new to modes do not understand the importance of how you should practice and use these scales. I find the best way to do so is to practice each scale over a sustained drone or one chord vamp. Another great idea is to emphasize the tonic, fifth and modal tones in each mode. I find it useful to repeat these tones most often and also begin and end your phrases on them. Let these tones ring out. As a result, you fully hear each modal flavor.  

  5. thanks bro very nice

  6. very cool improv at the end of the video.  i love the colour of the phrygian mode.

  7. that is a whole step forward, thank you…melodic 

  8. Tony Grey Bass Academy

    Thank you so much Markklinman1 :)

  9. Tony Grey Bass Academy

    Hi Bryan yeah I'm always aware or trying to be. I use these patterns as a way to train my brain to move around the fingerboard changing positions without thinking about it.
    I have a whole system of Whole Range exercises in the Academy that basically goes through this process in detail.

  10. When you move around like this are you aware what note you're on or what pattern you're in…or both?. In you improv you move outside of that two octave pattern so it seem you know what note you're on and can then apply the relevant mode in a tighter pattern form. Thankyou for your lessons

  11. Man I LOVE the way you teach, most EXCELLENT. Great and easy lesson to learn the PHRYGIAN. I have a buddy that plays a lot of FLAMENCO on guitar, and this fits right in. Also for middle eastern type of music to my ear this also sounds right at home. BRAVO for this EXCELLENT LESSON.

  12. Tony Grey Bass Academy

    It's extra work yes but in the long run it frees you up to play and move around the instrument in an instinctive way. It's worth the extra time. And it's not that hard 🙂 The tonygreybassacademy really goes into this stuff in full detail. It's the best way to take the thought out of your soloing

  13. Tony Grey Bass Academy

    If you always lead and position shift when ascending then you always have 3 fingers ahead of you. Getting used to ascending this way always gives you more options. If not you just end up playing vertically and moving with your little finger on the highest string. It's different descending because we lead with our little finger, again gives you 3 fingers ahead of you. Sounds complicated but it's just developing muscle memory which gives you an instinctive way of playing. The Academy explains all

  14. Thanx Man!
    Could u please elaborate Further on Why its good to use 2 Different fingerings going up/down.
    It seems confusing and hard enough to leard One??? Thanx!

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