BASS GUITAR LESSON – Right Hand Picking Techniques- Andy Irvine

BASS GUITAR LESSON – Right Hand Picking Techniques – Andy Irvine
Warwick Steamer Stage 1 – Custom Andy Irvine “Angel Bass” Hellborg preamp, Hellborg MonoPower500, WCA410, WCA115 stride, double thumbing, pinch, palm mute, slap, pop, rake, digging in, gallop,


  1. Hi Andy! Je ne parle pas anglais mais cette vidéo m'aide beaucoup pour apprendre toutes les techniques main droite, merci beaucoup à toi pour le partage, thanks a lot!

  2. Great video! this has given me a lot of tips for my playing, I've been trying recently to move off that pick up and use the strings as an anchor, im finding it awkward atm to does anyone have any tutorial videos/exercises to get comfortable with it?

  3. Gunnery Sergeant Odin

    That was an great inspiration, thanks!

  4. alberto martinez

    dumb nut

  5. Patrick Bateman

    6:27 song? i can't remember the name

  6. sweet bass man!

  7. this video was extremely helpful, thanks Andy! 

  8. Shawn Abdullah Sani

    handsome lookin bass….

  9. Thanks for the great advice. Awesome lesson.

  10. I really appreciate this video because it covers a TON of right hand techniques, instead of scales and licks. Videos like this will advance a serious player's skill level.

  11. The second and third finger together thing is ingenious. First time trying it felt strange, but instantly improved my tone. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. im a guitarist but i have to record a bass tomorrow and this was exactly what i needed thanks 🙂

  13. israel mauricio

    Beautiful bass man.

  14. Warwick bass amps any good?

  15. I wonder why it does have so less likes and less views. I love Andy. 😀 In a bassy way.

  16. beautiful SS1,
    love your playing and teaching style

    If I knew you were going to the Warwick factory, I would have suggested that you paint over the pick-up a la TM signature, well just a thought

  17. Triumph!!!! OK I will do one today =)

  18. Please do another Triumph video!

  19. Great video!

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