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Free Bass Guitar Lesson | Technique Building

In this Bass Technique lesson we are going to look at some postural positions to help you play your bass as naturally as possible.
Playing with a good posture is not only good for your body and to avoid injuries but also to help play more efficiently and fluently.

In the video we are also looking at a warm up exercise and some technique and form building exercises straight from the http://www.tonygreybassacademy

We look at Left Hand Thumb Position, Left Hand Fretting Position, Right Hand Finger Position, E string, A String, D String G String finger positioning, Warming Up, and exercises that will help you practise achieving the correct positioning. Learn To Play Bass Guitar and more.
Just giving back to all my fans. Keep checking back regularly, going to be adding lots more free bass guitar lessons soon!

Learn To Play Like Tony Grey!
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  1. As a right handed player, I was taught by my old guitar teacher to hold it on the left leg too.  It seems most people hold the guitar the exact opposite.  I've found the approach Tony teaches actually does make it more confortable and keeps it right in front of you.

  2. Brilliant video

  3. I just stumbled upon this video as a bass beginner and I freaking love you for this. Subscribed and ready to learn. :D

  4. Thanks so much Cesar proud to be working with you

  5. Hi Spider5604 well in my experience a lot of cats struggle moving to the next level because there foundation and form has bad habits built into them. Therefore simplicity in fundamental practice is hip It gets you to the point without standing on your head
    So bring on the old it works.

  6. Hi Bassboost. Good point. Everything you practice is technical one way or another. I have a very strict practice schedule where I work on many things from, Arpeggios, Modes, Jazz Standards, BeBop etc. I always as a rule practice in a very musical creative way. When I practice technique my goal is to train my fingers to be free. If you practice different permutations you break muscle memory habits so when you are practicing more functional things you are a lot more fluent and free

  7. NO excersize is a "bad" excersize!
    Quoted from Jaco!The Master!

    Developing a Full Command of the Instrument is Vital,
    So that u can Forget the techniqual aspect of the playing and instead Speak FREELY through the instrument , without any limitations!

    These types of things are taught on All instruments,All music styles,
    So why not on Bass?

    Great Lesson!

  8. Practicing techniques that are purposely non-musical! That's the opposite of what Victor Wooten teaches, but I definitely admit to having 'hackneyed' habits/patterns I always fall into from having ingrained into my fingers

  9. i was hoping to see something new…..

  10. Another great video by Tony Great 🙂 I truly recommend the bass academy for those serious musicians. Tony is an excellent musician and educator !!

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