Bass Guitar Lessons – Fretboard Fitness – #2 Tritone & Wholetone Stretches – Stu Hamm

Bass Guitar Lessons - Fretboard Fitness - #2 Tritone & Wholetone Stretches - Stu Hamm


Stu Hamm’s Fretboard Fitness digs deep into bass guitar fretboard navigation, finger agility and the theoretical knowledge necessary to play all styles of music. If you consider yourself an intermediate bass guitar player, Stu Hamm’s Fretboard Fitness is the bass boot camp you need to take your skills to the next level.

Stu Hamm first came to prominence after playing on Steve Vai’s Flex-Able disc. Going on to become the bassist of choice to lay down the low-end for virtuoso guitarists like Frank Gambale, Joe Satriani and many others on the stage and in the studio. Fortunately for students of bass guitar, Stu’s teaching skills match his musicianship providing a rare opportunity to learn bass guitar from one of the very best on the planet.

“These are the bass guitar lessons I wish I had when I was coming up. I’ve distilled the curriculum in Fretboard Fitness to the essential nuts and bolts of playing bass guitar; navigating the fretboard, building hand strength, and understanding the essential principles of music theory and harmony. All of the video bass guitar lessons, exercises and workouts that I’ve included in Fretboard Fitness are designed to form a strong bond between your hands, ears and mind.”

The best quality of this course is how you work with it; you’ll play your way through Fretboard Fitness. No tedious, boring routines or theoretical math here. Stu designed each workout to provide equal measures of applied theory, fretboard navigation and hand strength. This 3-in-1 approach gives you more of a musical perspective and makes working out more fun.
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  1. I learned a version of the "Hava Nagila" from the "Tune A Day" Bass Guitar book and that does not half stretch out your fingers in a similar to the exercise shown here.
    When you learn that particular piece you are learning music and a tune, But also exercising you fingers at the same time.
    You are doing this in as way that is not like too much repetition and makes learning fun and takes that chore mentality out of it.

    Good lesson Stu as always as this really get those fingers stretched out even if the player doesn't possess hands like "Pan Shovels"

  2. Thank you for these videos!!!

  3. I'm curious about your Fender. Is it custom with the best of both worlds with the pick-ups?

  4. can you recommend one to me for a beginner

  5. 1st time on this lesson, had to throw in the towel after 15 minutes, cramp, cramp, cramp, cramp. Tomorrow will be better.

  6. Thanks for making this playlist of Stu Hamm I love this guys lessons they are so easy and great tips too.

  7. Thanks Stu and Truefire for putting exercises like these on YT. Been out of shape playing after a 4 years absence with nerve damage to my hands from a repetitive motion job I used to work at and after a few days I can already tell a difference in how my hands stretch and maneuver around the fretboard. I find that I have more strength in my pinky finger again and my hands feel really good as well.

  8. thanks………….

  9. i run just 3 fingers i dont use my pinky just cuz its not strong enough on me

  10. Great tip. Satriani has the same warmup on one of his lessons.

  11. Johnstone Tcheou

    It's a Fender Urge, discontinued in 2010, designed by Stu Hamm.

  12. haha guitar player trying to learn bass here.. i even got up to the walking 8ths.. and then i had it up to the 16th notes and i fell off, i was like whoa!! bass players really DO have to practice! this is tough lol amazing video

  13. see what you do is watch lesson #5-a. he teaches to sever ur broken fingers and have them regenerate like lizards tails

  14. What kind of bass is that?

  15. Excellent

  16. Excellent warm up for a gig, practice, or a lesson…Gets me usin all 4 of my fretting fingers (right hand since im left handed) and I think keeping time is VITAL here…Stu is a natural teacher…Very cool you need to go out and buy a $20 metronome??..NO.. not if you can tap your foot in 4/4 time…or better yet…Just feel it grooooove…hehe… Playin bass is soooo fun!!!

  17. Well you need to think why, etc you are trying to play with 3 fingers?
    You should never really force technique

  18. definetly don't leave it, it could be serious, putting you out of the bass career

  19. that was a workout for sure

  20. looks like a good exercise

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