Bass Guitar Lessons – Fretboard Fitness – #3 Modes & Scales – Stu Hamm


Stu Hamm’s Fretboard Fitness digs deep into bass guitar fretboard navigation, finger agility and the theoretical knowledge necessary to play all styles of music. If you consider yourself an intermediate bass guitar player, Stu Hamm’s Fretboard Fitness is the bass boot camp you need to take your skills to the next level.

Stu Hamm first came to prominence after playing on Steve Vai’s Flex-Able disc. Going on to become the bassist of choice to lay down the low-end for virtuoso guitarists like Frank Gambale, Joe Satriani and many others on the stage and in the studio. Fortunately for students of bass guitar, Stu’s teaching skills match his musicianship providing a rare opportunity to learn bass guitar from one of the very best on the planet.

“These are the bass guitar lessons I wish I had when I was coming up. I’ve distilled the curriculum in Fretboard Fitness to the essential nuts and bolts of playing bass guitar; navigating the fretboard, building hand strength, and understanding the essential principles of music theory and harmony. All of the video bass guitar lessons, exercises and workouts that I’ve included in Fretboard Fitness are designed to form a strong bond between your hands, ears and mind.”

The best quality of this course is how you work with it; you’ll play your way through Fretboard Fitness. No tedious, boring routines or theoretical math here. Stu designed each workout to provide equal measures of applied theory, fretboard navigation and hand strength. This 3-in-1 approach gives you more of a musical perspective and makes working out more fun.
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  1. Knowledge

  2. What kind of bass is this?

  3. Didn't like watching a full entire cell phone ad without the option to skip the stupid thing!

  4. xGeneralDisarrayx

    Hey man, can we just get an 8 ball and you and I sit down and do this in person?

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  6. Edward Hippisley-Cox

    What Fender is that? it's like if a Jazz had a baby with a precision. 

  7. Thanks for sharing this daddio

  8. can you possibloy play it any fawste34r i have no idea where y9our fingers are..thanks for helping me soooo much

  9. Learn so much from these. Good lessons. 

  10. sooo…its the same shapes? jus differnt spots?

  11. it so much easier to remember now,

  12. Words of wisdom.

  13. Awesome!

  14. thanks stu now i understand

  15. Jani Kosturski

    G major has F#….

  16. Chikushoufuckyou

    so for the modes its whole step,half step,whole step,half step every different mode?

  17. ShadowLancer128


  18. man is good morning big help I can do everything on the base of a place Kailua solo …. this will definitely be a good big help

  19. Cameron Quiles

    Why does he grin @ 3:52 and 5:48?

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