Bass Guitar Lessons : How to Learn Gospel Bass Guitar

Learning gospel bass guitar playing means knowing your scales. Learn the best way to play gospel bass with the help of a professional bass player in this free video.

Expert: Boudro
Bio: As a bassist/songwriter/producer/artist, Boudro has embraced the “game”, from praise-filled gospel to cutting edge hip hop.
Filmmaker: Pfelton Sutton

Series Description: The bass guitar is the root of a band’s musical structure. Perfect your bass playing techniques with the help of a professional bass player in this free video series.
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  1. CHURCHBASS Mr. Greenwood

    thank you brother
    God Bless

  2. Will York Music

    This video isn't really helpful at all. It only teaches you how to play one certain kind of gospel bass. And let me tell you this isn't how the bassist plays bass at my church

  3. whitequeen1900

    Great video i really enjoy watching i also i recommend to make search google for elumpa simple guitar alchemist

  4. hey ,if anyone else wants to discover
    learn guitar step by step guide
    try Alkarno Amazing Guitar Alchemist ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  5. Joel Joshua Andrew (JTDruRocker)

    I think I need a comfortable bass guitar to do this exercise like maybe the Precision or Jazz Bass. I could only play up to a 34-35 inch. Scale bass. There are basses apart from the PJ Basses that I played but they're not as comfortable as the Precision and Jazz Basses. I wanna have a good fingering movement with my bass playing skill. – Joel T.

  6. Tarotscope by Tina

    Ugh! I need a class. Anyone know of any guitar/bass classes in nyc?

  7. Andrew Stickelman

    Haha! I know exactly what you're talking about with having to have endurance for gospel music! Great lesson! Thanks

  8. Isn't this like shout music, and not gospel

  9. i have play that same bass line for 10+ minus as well!!! lol @endurance

  10. Jesus istheMessiah

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    Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that BELIEVES on me hath everlasting life. John6:47
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    Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
    B E L I E V E

  11. 2013 I have to get some gospel bass under my fingers. It is must.

  12. HA! I know exactly what he means about endurance. When it comes to prayer, we literally play the same song over and over for about 20 mins.. I later then have the song stuck in my head for a few hours after church. hahahah! God bless.

  13. Raymond Brunner

    This was the most helpful advice of all of the videos I have seen thus far. Thank you

  14. MrIncred1ble92

    Where do you find those red thread strings?

  15. ziggybass ziggybass

    Thanks. Appreciate this!

  16. A gospel lesson in 2 minutes, what did I expect..
    That lesson was useLESS.
    " To play gospel, learn and play your scales ! "

    Well, great lesson man, I hope you're not paid for this kind of shitty advice !

  17. get a loop pedal and play the riff once 🙂

  18. Awesome stuff bro. Really simple and emphasising the importance of endurance, which is something i tend to neglect at times. Thanks for the reminder bro. God Bless. Chur =)

  19. @lordrisenavicuscruz

    Squire Classic Vibe series is well known for being an almost exact replica of a higher end Jazz/Precision bass. Squire produces some good versatile basses for the money and their tonal quality isn't that bad. Guitars on the otherhand…

  20. lordrisenavicuscruz

    a pro using a squier bass? haha! i don't want to ask why..

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