Bass Guitar Lessons : How to Play a 4-String Bass

Playing a four-string bass well depends on knowing the basic scales. Practice your scale skills with the help of a professional bass player in this free video.

Expert: Boudro
Bio: As a bassist/songwriter/producer/artist, Boudro has embraced the “game”, from praise-filled gospel to cutting edge hip hop.
Filmmaker: Pfelton Sutton

Series Description: The bass guitar is the root of a band’s musical structure. Perfect your bass playing techniques with the help of a professional bass player in this free video series.
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  1. "With any bass you play, scales, scales, scales!" Well, this guy obviously has never heard of Billy Sheehan or Paul McCartney. Those guys are two of the greatest bassists ever and they never read music or played scales

  2. thatIlluminati _

    Anybody else notice that monster guitar in the background?

  3. yes learning scales is the fundamental in guitar learnig. people would say that if you know to play songs in guitar that is fine. but it is not the truth. learn the scale first then the guitar strings will obey us to play any song over its fret.

  4. Thank you very much for the lesson

  5. i have a hard time making my fingers reach, like my fingers dont spread out like that and i cant push down the strings hard enough. what do i do!

  6. Excellent video!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!!

  7. Michael Olanrewaju

    I play piano and I would love to learn bass

  8. Dean Winchester

    I've been playing the violin but I'm bored of it now so I want to play the bass instead!

  9. scales scales,scales thanks

  10. Ryan Cash Danger

    Thats terrible, middle finger? Index finger? You just just saying "we going to use the middle finger, index" be specific

  11. 1st time picking up a bass and im knockin some slow jams! thanks!!

  12. yes gabriel we know you are i dont think its a good idea to be admiting it on youtube or u might get people making fun of your vids you know what im saying….

  13. Subliminal Suicide

    he would be black …

  14. gabriel castaneda


  15. Eddie murphy lad!!!!

  16. greattutorial on the fundamentals. thanks

  17. Tarotscope by Tina


  18. Looks like my bass

  19. You know as a noobie; one issue I have is keeping my fingers parallel to the fingerboard (no arching of the fingers) is there a technique to remedy that? Or is my technique off??

  20. Sandman368 Video-Variety-Channel

    Great information, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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