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bass guitar lessons stand by me ben e king
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  1. Thanks mate. Extremely helpful… … subscribed… !

  2. Is this guy drunk?

  3. Juan Manuel Medina Herrera

    Te enrrollas mucho hablando y tocas demaciado rápido

  4. Yeah, you did make it pretty clear, good job.

  5. Janet Lopez-Dove

    I just learned this song on bass thx you

  6. I never seen a tutorial like this. The phone rings and air plane fly sounds…..sorry but thats not professional…cut it or make it again…the rest of the video is top. very good tutorial.

  7. Thank you for the lessons btw

  8. Cold Shot, 1/2 step down? Can't remember.

  9. thank you very much for the video bro… bless you..

  10. Pedro Jenking Ortega

    good my friend, now i can play the song with bass and chords, thanks

  11. I'm still getting confused at 3:14
    Is it 7 on a. Then 4 on d
    But what's after that?

  12. Thank you man for this video!!

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