Bass Guitar Lessons with John Patitucci: Blues On The Bottom Play Along

Bass Guitar Lessons with John Patitucci: Blues On The Bottom Play Along

This is a sample lesson from the Online Jazz Bass School with John Patitucci (

Backing Track:

PDF 1:
PDF 2:

This is in 442 tuning- the backing track starts with piano reference tuning notes then goes into the play along:

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  1. Designating a certain thing and no other ; particular : this not precise location from Patitucci as performance ( some time in bass solo) very strange to do that like amateur bass player,from excellent bass player !…

  2. I enjoyed this video very much; moreover, I like the tail end of the turnaround (sharp 5 down to 5). My instructor taught me that turnaround where you go (4 up to 5). Also you could hit (sharp 1) before you go back to the tonic to begin the whole passage again.

  3. John is one of my favourite bass guitarists of all time.What a gent and legend he is

  4. Good clarity in explaining  the lesson. Great technique and musicality. I notice the right hand muting and left hand position efficiency. Eye-opening to me as a novice bass player as something I need to work on. Thanks

  5. best blues ever

  6. What Yamaha model bass is that?

  7. Alex Maureen Aja Murphy

    what a master.  and we get to peek into his genius! Thank you John!!!! I've been a great fan for decades!!!!

  8. I like it but what is the lesson? How to watch John play walking bass lines???

  9. He s so amazing

  10. ダックスミュージック

    Great !!

  11. I can hardly hear the bass, the piano is too loud in the mix for a bass lesson.

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