Bass Guitar Lessons With Steve Bryant – Metronomes and Timing

Steve Bryant is a Nashville session bass player. He has played several musical styles over his long career including R&B, big band, jazz, country, rock and Top 40. He first worked professionally as a musician in Lexington, Kentucky in the early 1970s. He made the move to Nashville in 1975. He was a member of the legendary bluegrass band Boone Creek. Members of that band also included Ricky Skaggs and Jerry Douglas. In 1978, he joined J.D. Crowe’s band which included members Keith Whitley, who later became a solo artist on RCA, and Gene Johnson, who became a member of Diamond Rio. Steve was a member of Jerry Reed’s band for five years at the height of his popularity. He has toured with many other artists including Linda Davis, Dobie Grey and Buffy St. Marie. He has worked exclusively as a Nashville session musician since 1992. He has played on master recordings and demos for numerous artists, bands and songwriters.

In this video, Steve discusses the use of metronomes and the importance of good timing.


  1. Very Helpful…Thank you. B

  2. Hi, I've just discovered your site, wonderful information! From what I've seen you're the only one apart from Carol Kaye who insists on chordal progressions in a real situation and a little less about gammes, along with what you explain about the 1/7 and the metronome 2/4…..I have been playing a while but I'm stuck in a rut….This could be good I think, do you have any other videos? Thanks for these great and clear explications, Simon.

  3. sir you're amazing this lesson helped me a lot

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  5. Great teacher.

  6. Great lesson ! Thanks a lot for sharing 

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