Bass Guitar: Robbie Merrill's Chromatic Workout

Bass Guitar:  Robbie Merrill's Chromatic Workout

In this bass guitar lesson, Godsmack bassist Robbie Merrill discusses and demonstrates his chromatic warm-up and practice exercises. You can use these exercises to help build note memorization, dexterity and stamina in your playing.

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  1. Robbie was my bass teacher for a little over a year he even signed my bass he moved away from my area and I miss him best teacher ever

  2. He has his own style playin whatever

  3. this is great, good exercises, love how human he is being leaving in the mistakes, let's you know even pros have to work for it.

  4. Wow!!… I actually do the same exercise that a pro does!!!…lol…. BUT, I cant do the 16th note exercise without using a pick… practice practice practice…..

  5. This is cool, Robbie is cool… favourite bass player.. what a good chap !!!!!! made our day at Download festival…. so good to be able to actually hear what a bass player is doing… such accurate punchy playing…. you are cool !!!!

  6. Thanks for the practice exercises.

  7. Sorry, but this is so bad…
    This man definately needs a good night of sleep and very much practice.

  8. I think he needs a cup of water

  9. haha who are this guy's "students"

  10. 4 cameras in one video… well done

  11. is that Todd from bearly polotical?

  12. Good job dude thanks for the help and the mistakes don't matter at least is better than what I can do

  13. Ishnifus Fjordslorn

    This guy's voice sounds like Michael Cera in 40 years and with a slight accent.

  14. I only have three fret fingers… D'X

  15. well done, i like all of the camera angles

  16. SWEET!!!!!!!!  This is going to be a blast!!

  17. respected bass player.

  18. Thank you for being kind!

  19. left handed.

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