Bass guitar scales 1 – How to play bass guitar lesson three

Here Ben Jones, one of The Institute’s ( bass faculty, teaches you the first position of the C Major scale – one of the essential building blocks of bass playing. Nail this position and you’ll start to open up the fretboard and begin to understand the root of many familiar songs and melodies.

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  1. Derrell Simmons

    I thought my middle finger was the 3rd not 2nd finger lol good info tho

  2. Gideon Bagwell

    I thought that was g

  3. Prof. Justin Koshy

    Practice makes perfect…

  4. what types of bass that exist ? i believe this is an electric one ?

  5. Third finger is not supposed to be used as its ur weakest.

  6. Thank you very helpful.

  7. Great lesson. Really well presented. Thanks.

  8. This has been great.  I am  a beginner trying to  play in a worship band at church .

  9. Hi! Interesting video, Thanks! There is this interesting Guitar Lesson site at "Brendt Mastery Guitar Playing Guru" (I cant remember the exact site so google it)? My boss learned unbelievable playing skills forever! They are giving a free lesson too!

  10. You can allso reference your tuned sound off your old g string , change them one at time keeps you from bending and bowing the neck

  11. Thanks

  12. adolf alonsagay


  13. ur good but you say something funny you say that you put your finger ing the G STRING LOL

  14. I can't get Matt Berry out of my head….

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