Bass Guitar Scales – Minor Pentatonic : Playing All Over The Fretboard

This lesson covers the Minor Pentatonic scale and how to play it all over the bass guitar neck. The main patterns are covered along with a demonstration of improvising through them.

The PDF of the sheet music and TABfor this lesson are available at the website here :

Minor Pentatonic Scale Patterns part 1

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  1. all those videos about learing bass scale, this is at the top. iv been watching videos to learn bass properly but you sir awaken me. i sub i like..

  2. Corinne Zimnisky

    I don't know how to play cords

  3. Very nice! I wish you were around 30 years ago!

  4. thanks so much

  5. Great lesson! But I need to carefully take it some more times since I've only understood the first half of it, right until Mark's words "two different neck's positions" and "one more pattern to learn to cover the entire neck"…

  6. Valuable lesson. thank you.

  7. Mark thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. You're easy to understand and give excellent demonstrations. I look forward to studying all your instructional videos.

  8. Thank you so much

  9. You are a GREAT teacher, Mark. It's not everyone who can be BOTH a phenomenal player and a teacher as well. Thank you!!

  10. Thank you for posting this, it was very helpful! What's the name of the follow-up to this, the one that shows how to move between the patterns?

  11. Would be better if you did the little diagrams at bottom with the notes,like you did with the major scale patterns,

  12. Excellent video! Thank you very much for your explanation.
    There are some video with the pentatonic major? I hope so!
    Greetings from Argentina.

  13. love the jam towards the end!

  14. thank you ,very helpful

  15. Briezie Thirteen

    PROPS on the video..

  16. I don't normally comment on videos but I feel compeled to acknowledge the usefullness of this one. Perspective is key! I get it now. Thanks again.

  17. great lesson. I´d like to know how can I aplly this in the major pentatonic scale? thanks.

  18. comprehensive maaaaaan. 🙂

  19. cool lesson man. A very good way to view the scales. thanks. 😀

  20. TalkingBass - Online Bass Lessons

    Thanks a lot. Looper's are great. Love them both as a practice tool and for working on compositions.

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