BASS Guitar Song 2 – Satisfaction by Rolling Stones // Bass Lessons for Beginners


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The ‘Andy Guitar Band’ members are;
Andy: Vocals and guitar
Thomas McConville: Guitar
Chris Skelly: Bass
Thom Mills: Drums

Drum tutorials for this series will go live soon on the ‘Thom Mills Drums’ YouTube channel here

Thomas and Chris are tutorials at the fantastic who are Andy’s recommended 1 to 1 tutorials both for face to face lessons and skype lessons!


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  1. stefanescu nicolae

    Cool, but is hard

  2. Very good lesson. Very useful that there is an easy and a pro version. As a guitarist I am going to pick up my bass again. 45 year guy who is excited like a 15 year old and I am not ashamed about it ! !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LESSON SERIES !!!!

  3. Loved doing the playthrough, really made me feel a part of the band. I've done that now three times in the last half hour. I think I'm addicted.

    Some feedback on these first lessons to perhaps help with the later ones:
    1) Would be really good to have a TAB to download, or just read in the description. Fairly simple notes in this case I know, but in the more advanced version, despite pausing the video, I still can't quite see what frets you are playing. Just a bit to fast for my beginner's eyes.
    2)The transition kinda foxes me, so be good to see this transition played out a little more clearly. So playing the bit before it and showing me how to go from one bit to the other.
    3) I was going to ask for a tab to be shown as the live band plays, but on reflection maybe best if that didn't happen as it will force me to learn the song.

    Really excited to see the drum tutorial for this song!

  4. That was super fun.

  5. Wholam Guitar Music

    Checking my fingerstyle channel! ❤️

  6. Awesome man

  7. Second.

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