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bass guitar songs lesson lithium nirvana
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  1. Down a step then suddenly those names for the strings don't help. I know but seriously. They don't.

  2. This is possibly one of the best bass lines of all time

  3. u forgot the part where u gotta throw the bass up real high and catch it with ur face

  4. thanks you rock

  5. MetalCell742617000047

    what kind of bass is that

  6. Can you do this and sing at the same time?

  7. Hi. Can you please play jesus don't want me for a sunbean?

  8. What kinda bass is that? Schecter? I like it.

  9. Best bass lessons. Thank you so much.

  10. Shadowmancer Dusk

    You are a fucking god. Thank you sir!

  11. Marcello Ghigo

    Ey b0ss, are you ok?

  12. plz start posting again

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