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bass guitar songs lesson tom sawyer rush geddy lee
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  1. Stick some dots on that damn fretboard.



  4. I play with two hands and the right hand is crucial……why not show it?

  5. Why are you always Coughing on your videos? Are you always sick? is so annoying. thanks!

  6. Christopher McKimie

    Nevermind you mention Geddy plays it different 🙂

  7. Christopher McKimie

    The 2nd note in the bridge is a D4 not an A9

  8. Thanks for the notes.

  9. awsome tutorial thanks bud

  10. I like the you explain this I am excited to learn my favorite bass bass geddy

  11. my all-time favorite bass playing artist the geddy thanks

  12. what I like I is I can pause and each part slowly thank you

  13. I can't say how much I love how you take time to go very slow the bass lines

  14. Thank you so much! Learned it almost immediately!

  15. Great video Ken in the UK

  16. Do the twilight zone by rudg

  17. Can you make some lessons on Jaco pastorius I'd like to learn some of his songs

  18. RandomPerson56789

    Great lesson! I had almost all of it down in about 15 minutes, just need to practice that main riff a little more and I've got it! Thanks!

  19. you are a horrible teacher you dont know how to explain things properly, i recommend you to have a amera at your right hand since you dont actually explain what string to play sometimes, im sorry but is the true try to explain what to play better because your videos are good and in tune but you dont know how to explain anything properly.

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