bass guitar songs lesson white rabbit jefferson airplane click this link to receive three FREE bass lessons not found on Youtube – basic to advanced included

bass guitar songs lesson white rabbit jefferson airplane
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  1. Don't need the flourish m8y,haha .

  2. I was teaching myself how to play it from memory but I'm a very basic bassist so I'm not very adept(I don't know how to read sheet music and I dont know what fret Makes what note) I was playing it only on the big e string I think it's called, and was doing do-do-do-do-do
    But didn't realize the song has alot more notes than I was playing. Should I keep practicing like this before I move on to lessons? Or should I do lessons asap

  3. dude, first of all, thanks for making this, but moreover, why do you play that "flourish" if you can't even make it make sense slowly? the notes are right but that little bit is just like you told over the strings and list the rhythm

  4. cool thanks! This song is such a classic, and every time I hear it I want to play the bass line. well-done video

  5. anusheadproductions

    nice lesson  thanks.   good sense of humour too.

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