Bass Guitar Theory for the Ultra Beginner

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***Here’s links to some of the gear used***

Basses Used:

Elrick Basses

Dunlop Bass Strings

Recording Gear:
Gallien Krueger Plex Preamp

Wide Bass Strap

Recording Interface

In Ear Monitors

Great Beginner bass




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  1. Thanks a lot man! This is just what I need.. i've played amd enjoyed bass in bands and had very good reactions about my play.. but because i didn't knew the theory, it took a lot of time to practice songs at home, before going rehearsals.. after a couple of years I stopped playing in the band.. and occasionly I play at home.. now my Kids are teenagers and I have more time, so I want to make een unforgettable comeback to the music scene..and also play songs with them (singer and drums)..
    But like.everyone supposed to, with learni g the Theory

  2. Thank you for breaking that down.

  3. Well done, thank you!

  4. As an ultra beginner this is what I need.

  5. I've been playing piano for eight years and have done music theory the whole time but I had no experience or knowledge with anything except keys until very recently. This helped a lot. You earned a sub from me.

  6. I'm here because my music teacher refer me. Im gonna subscribe

  7. Thank you so m7ch for the Bassics.

  8. Great lesson Daric. Simple and foundational.

  9. Thanks for this! I've only been focusing on learning songs but have no idea of the notes behind it. I can recognize the patterns of the songs but have no idea how they work. I feel like this is the first step to me understanding what I'm playing. Thanks!

  10. 5-string?

  11. This is very informative !!! Preciate brother

  12. Thank you for this series

  13. theaquarianspace

    Another excellent post. Thank you sir.

  14. First!!

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