Bass Lesson – Beginner’s Guide to Scales and Modes (The Bass Wizard)

In this lesson I introduce the concept of scales and modes and explain their function in improvisation. I always try to make my lessons as simple as possible for beginners to understand without overwhelming them with theory. I understand that not everyone wants to be a professional player and most people just want to play as a hobby and want to know enough to be able to have fun playing and not get frustrated. I hope this lesson helps all beginners out there. If you enjoyed this lesson, please sign up for my mailing list as I will be sending out more exclusive lessons to all members of my list.

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  1. VoiceKiller Demon

    thanks for helping me learn my bass, now maybe i can continue working on my music and song writing and let ibuprofen rule the world

  2. I like your hat!

  3. nice but what i do on a chord proggresion, most of the song have more than one

  4. Dude I love it. But, what you are doing is playing the major C scale all over your bass ? is the D major scale the same but starting on D ? I dont understand that… tanks man !!!

  5. to the bass Wizard thanks for the update on the scales, you Rock!!

  6. kaha hai???

  7. Universal Steele

    This is a great video! It helped clear up a lot. There are now a lot of finger positions to learn.

  8. Sir can we get the track for this one?

  9. thank for the PDF.

  10. Wow, dude! I learned a lot! Thnx!!

  11. that font is pretty cool

  12. i tried to understand but its fucking imposible. i dont know if its just because im dumb or the explanation was too complicated. also in my country we use do re mi fa sol la si, not letters so that kind of makes it harder

  13. very helpful thank you!

  14. Unguided Funk Projectile

    I dont understand how to take those notes in each mode and switch them around but still make it sound good with each other. I understand that whenever I'm playing something in the major and its on D I can use Dorian and B I can use Locrian and so forth and it will fit, but not how to only take a few notes of that mode in whatever order and connect all of it together

  15. sick video, inspired me ( and my friend watching (( he plays drums but i play bass )) ((( actually yet to own a bass guitar ))) (((( haha ))))

  16. Wish tabs were available for that solo intro, It's so mesmerizing.

  17. Finally I get it dude you're an awesome teacher could you teach us in a video like this now with the minor scale?? Eres un maestro hermano!!!

  18. thanks so much!it really helps me…tanks again! :D

  19. nice thanks!!!!!

  20. I play for years, know all major and minor scales, but I've learned by myself, AND THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I UNDERSTOOD THIS. Thanks man, you are an awesome teacher (I'm brazillian, so, sorry if I made any grammar mistakes)

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