Bass Lesson: Easy Reggae Line

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Easy Reggae Line is a free bass guitar video lesson by Russ Rodgers that will teach you a line like you would hear in a Bob Marley song. Russ will teach you how to play the line note by note. You will then have the opportunity to practice the bass line along with a jam track at two different speeds.
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  1. For a new bass player trying to learn different cadence patterns, this is very helpful. It took me about 20 min to listen and write down the notes, then it was very easy to follow. Many thanks Russ

  2. Willber Robayo Candado

    Hi, cool video, i love reggae too and i just uploaded a reggae jam track on my channel, hope you can listen to it and enjoy it, greetings from colombia.

  3. Great video for us learning bass ,

  4. Thanks for the basic instruction, it really helps to have basic fingering like this to break up the walking bass line and naming notes in my beginning attempts at learning to play the bass.

  5. What is the title of this song ?

  6. This is good, however , it hurts when someone wants it but can't get it because is not always online.
    Not everyone is online.

  7. Thumbs down for no tabs. What is this? 2004?

  8. first advice before posting a reggae lesson : don't smoke too much.

  9. 08:29
    Anyway, thanks

  10. Mate your waay out of time?!

  11. Haha I have that exact same bass on my lap right now 🙂

  12. Pretty boring video 🙂

  13. go to the e string, go to the a string, smoke a blunt…. and now it s all right…

  14. Laltantluang Tluang

    i like your play .also bass,can you give me your fack  book?

  15. asanka

  16. tks alot, i'm truong from VN, i hope too many lesson more

  17. 7:59 start of the song



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