Bass Lesson Finding Sharps and Flats


  1. I like you brother (the way you do)hhhaaae

  2. thank you so muchh

  3. More videos plz

  4. thanks a lot

  5. the Video was soooooo helpful Thank you ❤️

  6. OMG MR HALE!?!?! You were my middle school music teacher ironic that years later I'm still learning music from you lol

  7. So nice and easy way to leaning
    Guitar lesson, thank you so much brother

  8. Thanks guys

  9. Child Cartoons Network

    Thank you very much for knowledge.

    -from the philippines

  10. Child Cartoons Network

    Thanks for knoledge

  11. Cam on anh !

  12. Great job!

  13. Bassguitar

  14. Thank you for the guidelines Sir

  15. Sir i learned too many things from your video…please upload more video

  16. But down is up and up is down, AAAAAHHHHH!!

  17. Christopher Campos

    Thank you so far you have been the first bass player that takes his time to really teach

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