Bass Lesson: Intro to Playing Slap

Octave Slap Pattern is a free video lesson by Russ Rodgers on playing slap bass. This video will teach you the very basics of playing slap. We’ll start off by covering the proper technique for striking the strings with your right hand. You’ll then learn a simple exercise for practicing this new technique.
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  1. Claude Fabrice UMUHOZA

    I like this video tutorial.I am going to do practises

  2. 0:20 cagayake girls ending bass

  3. Very clear, helpful and straight to the point. Slapping thumbs up!

  4. finaly i have found a good teacher on slap bass am happy for the basics so good to start with

  5. Joel T135 EAS RSMV (SPC_VolBeatNBLPFan)

    I might need a comfortable bass for this practice.

  6. Is that an Ibanez Gio? Beautiful little guys, and so easy to carry. I love the compact and lightweight feel to them. My Fender, god, weighs about 8 pounds lol. At least!

  7. Nice video my good man. I think this is the best I have seen lol

  8. Tyler B Dela Torre

    does the strings have to be really near the fretboard inorder to get that slap sound?

  9. I slap da bass with my Tongue..

  10. John Michael Banaag

    thanks a lot

  11. K

  12. Well presented.  Good job!   But as a newbie I was expecting to hear you mention the metronome count.. :((

  13. its better to move your thumb to the next string after u slap with it. Better sound for me and you get more control over your hand position.

  14. Must be wierd cuz i fingerpick bass and strum with my thumb when i play a chord

  15. Kaan Hıçkıran

    After a couple of minutes I recognize that he uses the same guitar with me I'm happy right now :D

  16. Damnit… hands not quite big enough yet to do slap+pop yet. XD

  17. thats right, he doesn't blink!

  18. Best video I seen so far on getting the right sound out of the bass!!! Many thanks !!

  19. Grandioso! Thank you

  20. Thanks Russ! You made that SO easy to learn! You are a great teacher.

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